Your friendly neighborhood barn rat

Think Stevie from the Saddle Club, all grown up and paying vet bills.

Major horse geek/enthusiast

If I could send every horse I've ever met an annual birthday card, I would.

Camera nerd

I'll get googly-eyes and squeal at our session when something perfect happens. Which is, like, a lot.


My once-in-a-lifetime horse, Lenardo, made me believe in love at first sight (meet Nardo here!) It was a love affair for the ages - but now that he's gone, the only photos I have of us together are low-quality snapshots. It's our 10-year partnership that inspires me to help fellow equestrians showcase their obsession, because I believe everyone should have beautiful photos worthy of a giant wall display.

At your Connection session, I'm watching for those moments of connection — those joyful, lovestruck, imperfectly perfect ones — I know so well myself. In fact, I’m most in my element when you’ve totally melted into your horse and forgotten I’m even there.

Fine Art sessions are about freezing your horse’s brilliance — whether he’s fresh off the track or an imported dreamboat — so you can live in awe of his gorgeousness even away from the barn.

My images of Lenardo are more precious than anything sold at West Elm, which is why I love helping you envision your own horse as décor. In the end, I want your images and artwork to show the world the mischievous, sassy, wonderful soul who holds your whole heart.

I can’t wait to make your horse my new best friend, so why not reach out and introduce them to me? 

Amadeus & my perfect dog Bubbles. Photo courtesy of Giana Terranova Photography