We are a different breed—we are equestrians.

As an equestrian, I have a fundamental understanding for the love and pride you feel when you look at your horse. The love of a horse goes beyond friendship; it is reverence, pride, and fierce adoration.

It is my life's mission to portray these feelings with artwork of your treasured equine partner.

Amadeus | Photo courtesy of Giana Terranova Photography

My once-in-a-lifetime horse, Lenardo, made me believe in love at first sight (meet Nardo here.) It was a love affair for the ages—but now that he's gone, the only photos I have of us together are low-quality snapshots. It's our 10-year partnership that inspires me to help fellow equestrians showcase their obsession, because I believe everyone should have beautiful photos worthy of a giant wall display.

My passion is translating your feelings for your horse into tangible artwork. Artwork that elicits awe and gives viewers a glimpse into your heart: your horse.

Think Stevie from the Saddle Club, all grown up and paying vet bills.

Your friendly neighborhood barn rat

If I could send every horse I've ever met an annual birthday card, I would.

Major horse geek/enthusiast

I'll get googly-eyes and squeal at our session when something perfect happens. Which is, like, a lot.

Camera nerd

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