There comes a time in every equestrian's life when they have to make a difficult decision: is it time for my horse to retire?

Whether they were your A-circuit champion or your trusty trail partner, it's never easy to let them go.

If you've had a Fine Art session with Chelsea Lothrop Photography, you've met Cornelius. As an integral part of the CLP team, he's the genius behind so many forward ears, arched necks, and the occasional pair of giant spooky googly eyes and flared nostrils.

As with any show ring champion, Cornelius's hard work has taken a toll on his body. Many encounters with teeth (equine and canine), hooves, and a difficult life on the road have worn him down. Looking at his loose stuffing, broken stick, and missing ear, I knew it was time to make the difficult decision to retire Cornelius.

Although it provided a temporary fix, the carrot ear couldn't change the truth: it was time for Cornelius to retire.

Cornelius at work

As a thank you to Cornelius for his many years of service, please enjoy this collection of some of his finest work.

But the show must go on.

In the wake of Cornelius's retirement, CLP has brought on an exciting new team member: Cornwall. With a similarly impressive pedigree, CLP is confident that he will continue the duties of Cornelius with flying colors (flying, because he has wings.)

Although Cornelius will never be truly replaced, CLP is thrilled to welcome this exciting young prospect to the team and looks forward to years of continued success!