Hattie ("Mama Tried")

Photographed at Carriage Stone Farm in Northford, Connecticut

I was SO thrilled to collaborate with All The Kings Horses Rescue to donate a Fine Art session for a silent auction to benefit their organization! Even above being a photographer, I am at heart a #totalhorsenerd and I love these animals from a place that's so deeply ingrained in me. The ability to help such a powerful organization in any way is an honor to me and I couldn't be happier with the winning models!

The winner of the silent auction was Katy with her mare Hattie. I was immediately struck by her deep golden coat and flaxen mane, plus a unique dorsal stripe that I knew had to be featured with the famous "booty shot." 🍑

Hattie was as sweet as can be, and she adores "her" three kids—she stood like an angel while we set her up for a family photo.