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Acrylic & Metal Prints

Acrylic and metal prints are CLP's most luxurious wall art offering. Reminiscent of the pieces displayed in your favorite art galleries, they command attention with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

In a sea of photo providers, CLP has thoughtfully sourced the nation's elite crafters of archival artwork. The end result is a collection of quality pieces designed to last a lifetime.

Read on to learn the key differences between acrylic and metal prints, and to see what best suits your space.


Mounted under 1/8" plexiglass for a robust profile.

Finished with a non-glare surface.

99% UV protection; suitable for indoor & outdoor display.

Heavier in weight due to glass covering.

Spot clean with a dry microfiber cloth. If more cleaning is needed, a gentle, chemical-free glass cleaner can be used with a soft microfiber cloth.


Printed directly to thin aluminum for a super-sleek profile.

More reflective, high-gloss finish.

Best suited for indoor spaces; more prone to fading in direct sun.

Lighter in weight due to naturally thin, lightweight aluminum base.

Spot clean with a dry microfiber cloth. If more cleaning is needed, clean using a soft cloth with water or a non-ammonia based window cleaner.

Acrylic prints are displayed under a 1/8" piece of plexiglass for a more robust profile.

Metal prints have a thin profile.

Acrylic prints are finished with a non-glare surface.

Metal prints are more reflective for a high-gloss finish.

When choosing between acrylic or metal prints in your space, the first consideration should be the amount of sunlight that will hit your artwork on a daily basis. Although metal prints are durable and scratch-resistant, they are more prone to fading in direct sun than acrylic prints. Metal prints are also more highly reflective and show more glare in direct sun, so they are best featured in spaces that are away from direct sunlight for most of the time.

The rest comes down to aesthetics! Acrylics boast a more robust profile due to their 1/8" acrylic cover, so they're ideal if you're looking for something with a little more body. If you prefer a more streamlined look, a metal print is the perfect way to make a subtle statement.

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