Westbrook Hunt Club

Spring Fling 2022

After a brief hiatus following a busy WEF season, this weekend at WHC's Spring Fling was the perfect reminder of why I do what I do. Every horse & rider pair inspires me -- whether it's a seasoned pair effortlessly navigating a course, a new team just learning the ropes together, or a partnership recovering their confidence and trust together.

Thank you SO much to everybody who stopped by to say hello, let me pat your ponies, and spoke such kind words about my work. I truly love this job -- and I'm grateful to everyone who makes it possible for me to live my childhood dream!

A huge shoutout and thank you to Sammy from Samantha Jean Photos to coming out to capture your rounds in the indoor (most notably the 28th birthday of Farnley Darien, who was presented with a crown fit for a king such as himself.)

If you haven't seen your photos yet, proofs are all posted and available for viewing & purchase. Prints, digitals, and print/digital packages are available.

Thank you for supporting your local horse-girl photographer!

Here are a few highlights from the weekend!