"What do you mean, you only photograph horses?"

—Most people, after I tell them I don't offer traditional family/wedding/couples photography

Why do I only photograph horses & their people?

Because I believe a connection between those in front of and behind the camera is essential.

I don't personally know the joys or struggles of parenthood, so I can't offer that fundamental connection to a mother looking for family photos. What I do know is that your horse, whether it's your champion show horse or the pony you grew up on, holds an enormous part of your heart.

Because I get you.

I get that you would rather muck a stall than clean your kitchen. I know the smell of leather and grain makes your soul smile. I know your heart swells up a little when your horse nickers at you from down the aisle. I've tasted dirt after a fall, and I've felt butterflies right before stepping into the show ring. We horse people are a very specific breed, and we're kinda strange to anyone who doesn't get it.

Because when it comes to art, passion is everything.

I want to deliver you the best of the best, and that happens when I'm really passionate about who or what I photograph *cough* horses *cough*. You will see me get genuinely giddy at our session (inevitably there will be several occasions where I yell something along the lines of "THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE SHOT!")

Because I wish I could go back and have photos of me and my heart horse.

I think it's SO important to have beautiful, timeless images of your horse. This is what drives me. I have some pictures of my big guy, Lenardo, but they're mostly snapshots. All these years later, he still makes up a huge part of who I am, and I wish I had photos to do that justice. I believe YOU should have those photos.

I made an exception and photographed a wedding once, but the bride's horse was there. Still counts.

Oh, and the groom's dog. So basically my perfect wedding scenario.

So, fellow horse person, what are you waiting for?

We've got a lot to talk about (mostly horse-related.) Let's get in touch.