What do I need to reserve my session?

Your $100 retainer and contract must be returned in order to solidify your session date. The remainder of your session fee is due the day of your session.

Where & when should we schedule my session?

I typically recommend holding sessions at the barn where your horse is kept. Holding the session at "home" will help both of you feel relaxed. However, if you have a different location in mind, you may trailer in to a location of your choosing.

Connection sessions are scheduled 1 hour after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. This gives us the best chance to work with warm, golden light!

Fine Art sessions can be held at any time of day, and usually require only 20-30 minutes to complete.

What should I wear?

Prior to your session, we'll discuss wardrobe options and I'll send over a helpful document for inspiration. What you wear is totally up to you: you can choose to be casual, classic, or even super dressy. Grand Prix & Equitation sessions include multiple outfits so that you can achieve a range of aesthetics.

If you have something in mind but aren't sure it's the right look, snap a picture and send it to me! I'm happy to offer feedback and suggestions.

How should I prep my horse?

To prepare for your session, your horse should be show prepped - including a good lunge beforehand to get out any pre-session jitters!

The horse should be freshly bathed and well-brushed to a healthy sheen. I highly recommend braiding or banding for a more polished look, but it is not required. Clip muzzle and ears if desired. Have hoof polish available to apply and reapply as needed. Baby oil can be used on the horse's muzzle and around the eyes to enhance shine.

I recommend using your horse's show bridle, well cleaned. For Fine Art sessions, we will remove the reins and attach a lead rope which will be edited out in post-production.

What if the weather is bad?

We'll reschedule at no cost to you in case of extreme cold, hard rain, or weather conditions that don't match the preferred style of your session.

Keep in mind that a little cloud cover isn't necessarily a bad thing - it actually makes for soft, even light that's super flattering for your features!

How soon will I see my images?

Your final photos will be ready no later than 3 weeks from the date of your session. Photos will be delivered in a private, password-protected gallery where you can download images and purchase custom prints & products.

Can I share my images on social media?

Of course! Your session includes the rights to share your photos online. Credit is always appreciated but not required.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Interest-free payment plans are available on sessions & product orders to fit virtually any budget. Please inquire for details.